Crypts & Creatures

Our first product and always our favorite. Crypts & Creatures is a complete tabletop roleplaying game done in less than 30 pages. It’s rules-light, d20 SRD compatible, and very easy to learn.

Heroes of Shaleria

If you like card games, you’ll love Heroes of Shaleria. Each core deck in this non-collectible and highly modular game supports up to 4 players. Add expansions or grab multiple core decks for more fun and variety.


Before we began making tabletop products, we started a LARP for players from Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Western Indiana. This LARP still runs and, after 8 years of refinement, we feel the rules for this system are just about ready for others to adopt. Keep checking back for news!


Simpler is Better

Pick Up & Go Games was founded on the principle that Simpler is Better. Every member of the team has decades of gaming experience, and we’ve all found one thing to be consistently true: You don’t need inches-thick rule books to have fun. 

Scott Ashcraft

head honcho


Our tabletop roleplaying and card games are easy to learn and provide hours of fun. Based in Northern Illinois, you can find us at many gaming conventions throughout the area. We find that the best way to introduce people to our games is to show them how to play. These conventions give us a great way to do that. If you see us, stop and get a demo.